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Aluminum coils

US3614378A Fluxless Highfrequency Aluminum Circle Welding


Oct 19, In accordance with the present invention, a fillerless-fluxless butt weld of crack-sensitive aluminum tubing in a single pass full penetration welding operation is accomplished by use of a purging gas under pressure and with the use of high-frequency current pulsations (on the order of 4KC and higher) to relieve the damaging effect of residual

USA - Method Of Welding A Skirt To A Cylindrical

USA (en) Fluxless high-frequency aluminum tube welding without inserts CNB (en) Defect repair welding process of stainless steel composite board coating USA (en) Method of welding thin walled tubes from a single side

USA - Joining Aluminum And Aluminum Alloy To

USA USA USA USA US A US A US A US A US A US A US A US A US A US A US A US A Authority US United States Prior art keywords aluminum titanium joining metal alloy Prior art date Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal

US54111A - Method And Device For Controlling Pipe

A method and device for welding pipe onto a piping network at a joint comprising introducing an inert purging gas under pressure at a substantially constant flow rate at one end of the pipe away from the weld joint, providing a flow restriction at the end of the piping network away from the weld joint, diverting a minor portion of the inert purging gas flowing through the piping network into

USA - Pulse Width Modulated Pulsed DC Arc Welding

A method of arc welding is disclosed. Specifically, a method of pulsed DC arc welding is disclosed wherein the pulse width of the current pulses are modulated to maintain a constant time averaged power flow to the work pieces being welded. This method of arc welding is especially useful with a type of pulsed DC arc welding wherein the ratio of peak current to maintenance current is maintained

Combined Laser Beam Braze-Welding Process For Fluxless Al

A combined laser beam welding and brazing process for Al-Cu connections in overlap configuration is investigated. Aluminium and copper for electric and electronic application is used for

Best 3 Welding Machines For Aluminum - Welding

MIG, TIG, Stick, Gas, Gasless Wire Welding machines for aluminum sold and shipped fast from Wisconsin or Illinois. Free Shipping Over Locations

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welding inert gas magnesium alloy pipe alloy Prior art date Application number CNA Other languages English (en) Other versions CNB (zh Inventor Original Assignee Priority date (The priority

Best Tig Welding Machine For Home Use Home Tig Welder

The Tungsten Inert Gas welding or TIG welding as it is commonly called, results in incredibly sharp and neat structural welds. Typically, an Ac Dc Tig Welder works with aluminum and stainless steel. However, even the Home Tig Welder produces impressive results for any type of metal including exotic

Laser Welding And Brazing Of Dissimilar Materials

Jan 01, A recent example of such attempts is the European Super LIGHT-CAR project, where a wide variety of steel, aluminium, magnesium and CFRP materials are used to ensure maximum, locally optimised structural properties of the car body at minimised overall weight (N.N, 2009, Toelle, 2011) ().The predominant joint in this study was between aluminium and

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Special 40th Anniversary Edition Invertig 221 Dual

Conventional arc welding is simple with the Invertig 221. Using the Stick Mode in conjunction with the foot pedal allows you to vary the welding amperage. Perfect when doing pipe Select the touch start mode for welding aluminum or any other material without High

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Your trusted destination for welding resources, helpful support and high-performance products for all of your welding projects. Together, we can build

Saxin Aluminum High Frequency Welding Circle Aluminum Al

Nov 07, Methods and apparatus are provided for igniting, modulating, and sustaining a plasma for various plasma processes and treatments. In one embodiment, a plasma is ignited by subjecting a gas in a multi-mode processing cavity to electromagnetic radiation having a frequency between about 1 MHz and about 333 GHz in the presence of a plasma catalyst, which may be passive or

Materials Free Full-Text Microstructure And Formation

Magnesium and its alloys are potential candidates to replace steel and aluminum alloys in manufacturing industries in future, due to some of their unique properties like a low density, high strength-to-weight ratio, good castability, and high damping capacity various methods have been applied for welding magnesium alloys such as arc welding laser welding brazing

Al-Solder 500 Aluminum Solder The Harris Products

Aluminum Solder. Solder alloy for torch or iron. Used to join all solderable alloys to each other and to dissimilar metals. Also for zinc die-cast. Forms excellent, corrosion resistant joints on the tough to solder aluminum alloys. Also beneficial as a high temperature solder on most other metals. Not recommended for

How To Weld Aluminum With A Stick Welder Our

Apr 12, The first thing necessary for stick welding on aluminum is to have a machine capable of DC (direct current) polarity, and it must be capable of putting out at least 200 amps. If your welder meets these guidelines, you are in business. If you have a 120-volt, 140-amp machine, for instance, there is no way it will ever

Effects Of Ultrasonic Vibration On Resistance Spot Welding

Nov 15, A newly developed joining technique, ultrasonic resistance spot welding (URW), where high frequency ultrasonic vibration is effectively integrated into resistance spot welding (RSW) process, has been applied for joining transformation induced plasticity (TRIP) steel 780 to aluminum alloy Al

Anvilfire Guru Question And Answer Page - July 98 Second

The dielectric fluid forces the spark to be short and flushes away the chips (the chips on my machine run 4-10 microns). Electrodes are usually made from graphite or tugsten copper. I use brass sometimes as it comes in acurate shapes. Machine runs very high frequency up to about 200 volt

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Deposition rates (welding), 1306, 1314-15, 1317, 1330, 1331 Depth of cut, 975, 976, 977 Derivatives of functions, 35-6 Detachable chains, 2337 Deviation, mean positional, 1154 Diameter of circle enclosing smaller circles, 74-8 Diametral, equivalent circular pitch and tooth proportions, 1927, 1929, 2008 equivalent modules, 2008 pitch, gear teeth

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Oct 07, Such multi-point ignition can be especially beneficial when a uniform plasma ignition is desired. For example, when a plasma is modulated at a high frequency (i.e., tens of Hertz and higher), or ignited in a relatively large volume, or both, substantially uniform instantaneous striking and restriking of the plasma can be

(PDF) Eddy Current Induced Heating For The Solder Reflow

This paper presents a feasibility study of using eddy current induced heating for the solder reflow of area array packages. With a high frequency electromagnetic field, Sn Ag lead-free solder

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like the electrostream process, its machine uses a high-velocity stream of charged, acidic electrolytr ejected from the capillary end of a drawn glass tube. capable of gang drilling small holes in difficult to machine materials, but generally not capable of drilling holes smaller than about 0.02in STEM is capable of making shaped holes with apsect ratios higher than

Transient Liquid Phase Bonding In The Nickel Base

In this work, the effects of temperature and time were investigated on the microstructure and properties of Transient Liquid Phase bonds in the directionally solidified superalloy CM 247 LC with a commercial braze filler material MBF-80 (Ni-Cr-B-C). Specimens were bonded at and for durations of 15 minutes, 1 hour and 4 hours. The resultant microstructures were then